Martina Balzarová - photographer, diver and biologistčeská verze



Encounters under the sea


Faces of the Sea

Underwater photography from Red Sea 2006-2007.

Amazing world behind diving mask

Photographs from the Red Sea 2002-2005.

Lectures and gabfests

The biggest killers in the oceans

People are still scared of bloody sharks. But which animals should really horrify us?

Where fish go to sleep

Known dive site becomes mysterious place again when you are visiting it under the dark veil.

Meeting with clownfishes

Cute tropical fish living in sea anemones have very interesting way of life.

Marine life on coral reefs

Ecology, biology and protection of coral reefs and their inhabitans.

Papua New Guinea

Wild landscaped of Papua and amazing local people. The world here is absolutelly different from Europan way of life.