Martina Balzarová - photographer, diver and biologistčeská verze


Marine life

Undersea Photo Pictures

Decorate your flats, representative rooms or offices with original photos from undersea world!


Mandarine fish

Amazing small fishes

Mantis Shrimps

One of the most powerfull creatures on the sea floor.



Dangerous fishes with venomous spines!


Marine turtles all around Egyptian Red Sea



The most advance and intelligent molluscs

Seahorses, Pipefishes, Ghost Pipefishes, Shrimpfishes

All these fishes have sopmething in common - it is really hard to find them :)



Beautiful small creatures crawling on the sea floor.

Frogfishes (Antennaridae)

Showtime of amazing camouflaged frogfishes



Nudibranchia species photographed in their natural habitat.

Moray eels, Eels, Snakes

These animals are very confusing, they look similar but they are absolutely different.


Life on the Anemone

The life around anemones is very various. Different kinds of anemone fishes, shrimps and crabs.